Red Alert: Obama State Dept. Selling Arms to Zetas

Via Ann Barnhardt. Can not link to an individual post as Ann doesn’t use permalinks.

Red Alert: Obama State Dept. Selling Arms to Zetas

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – July 22, AD 2011 5:40 PM MST

Remember the video of the captured Zeta narco terrorist I posted a couple of weeks ago in which he claimed to get weaponry directly from the U.S. government? Yep. He wasn’t kidding.


-anti-aircraft weapons
-hand grenades
-grenade launchers
-assault rifles
-night-vision goggles
-body armor

Sold to the Zetas by the Obama State Department with the cooperation of the CIA, and once sold to Hizbullah, coming to a suburban Christian church near you.

I’m telling you, our government has already been overthrown. The whole mess is beyond repair. You can’t fire two or three guys and think that is going to make any difference whatsoever. Hillary Clinton should only ever see her grandchildren five minutes at a time through a bulletproof plexiglass partition in Florence, CO.

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2 Responses to Red Alert: Obama State Dept. Selling Arms to Zetas

  1. roblorinov says:

    Unbelievable! Hate to say it but you said what I’ve been suspecting for a long time now. That is that our country has already been overthrown. Hope you are wrong but I fear you are correct. And I suspect this is why the BO admin tried to get ATF Director Melson to take the rap on this so that what you’ve posted above would never be found out. Oh what a tangled web of deceit they weave in DC today! Every one of the crooked Commie bastards need to be in jail.

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