Obama and his tribe of dealers in death!

Read this post in entirety at our friend at My Blog. Obama is the greatest threat to freedom and liberty today.

The Gunwalker story and it’s related tentacles show us a small portion of the extent the Obama administration will go to accomplish their goals. It is not totally clear what those goals are but it is becoming obvious that they are not what the President and his representatives were elected to do! How does selling arms to felons profit and secure this country? How does allowing guns to go across the border to kill innocent Mexican citizens help anyone? How does arming the Zetas Cartel in Mexico help Mexico our ally? If it is indeed true that the Zetas are planning to overthrow the Mexican government, that makes us complicit in that revolt and responsible for the lives that will be lost. And then what about the drugs that we are enabling them to sell to our own American citizen? Add in the human smuggling and the cooperation that some of the drug cartels in Mexico have with Hezbollah, and you have a recipe for total disaster. Not just in this country but in the whole of North America! What could Mr. Obama and those that follow him have in mind for the future of this country? It surely isn’t our safety and security! It also isn’t in any shape or form to increase our economic welfare. Everything that they have done has been to bring the country down. When are our leaders in Congress going to open their eyes and realize that the man that occupies the White House is committing treasonous acts and must be stopped? Are they going to wait until he declares them irrelevant as he has recently threatened to do in the debt ceiling negotiations? Read the wrap up of the “Gunwalker” investigations and add them to the rest of what we know that this administration is doing. It is not a pretty picture and it is quite frankly, frightening in it’s scope! It also paints a picture of an administration that is lawless and has no fear of the consequences!

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  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Thank you, Bob A.

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