The real world vs. Washington DC’s world. And it sucks.


You apply for your job.

Real World: You fill out a job application you tell the truth. You lie, you’re not hired, you might skate by.

Washington DC: You tell a lot of lies and the press ignores them and campaign contributors swear by them.

You get the job.

Real World: You do the job you were hired to do.

Washington DC: You don’t do the job you were hired to do. You do the job your political party wants you to do, what the lobbyists that gave you campaign funds want you to do. Fuck those that hired you.

OK, so you don’t do the job!

Real World: You get fired, you don’t have a job.

Washington DC: You’re secure until the next election when you lie, the press covers up and you get more political funding and the cycle starts over.

You have a business, times are hard, you have a family, times are hard.

Real World: You make cuts. You don’t have the money.

Washington DC: You don’t have a fuckin clue, you just keep spending more money that you don’t have, that is not your’s except by thievery.

The real value of an education vs. a college degree.

Real World: You learn by your mistakes, by your real world experience. Education certainly helps. I am not diminishing education.

Washington DC: You by and large are ignorant to what is real. You have a piece of paper saying you successfully believed theories that some academic ignoramous fed into your brain. You don’t have a fuckin clue.

To sum it up:

I don’t want to live in a world ruled by a bunch of progressive theories, socialist beliefs and by a bunch of ASSHOLES that believe they know what’s best for me. Fuck you, you don’t. I want to live in the world I had before you douche bags got elected. Where we did for ourselves or went without. Where you worked more than one job and didn’t collect welfare and go on the public dole. Where some scumbag bureaucrat wasn’t shoving some insane regulation down my throat.I want a government, governed by the Constitution, not by a bunch of self serving bastards who don’t give a flying fuck about what our nation was founded on.

In 2012

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