Teabaggers Cheer the U.S. Credit Downgrade

Via Drudge Retort.

This character is F$%ked up if he thinks members of the Tea Party are cheering the downgrade of U. S. debt. They are agreeing with the speaker that the asshole democrats in DC are blaming the Tea Party. The libturd left is blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade when it is their own fucked up actions that caused it. Democrats, Republicans both/all share the blame but not the Tea Party.

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1 Response to Teabaggers Cheer the U.S. Credit Downgrade

  1. JC says:

    As a founding member of our local TEA party I for one am not surprised that we were down graded. Now ask me why? Do not assume to understand/explain that which you will not hear or see.

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