New Site Under Construction: The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Under Construction: The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Posted on August 16, 2011 by samiam60|

As America faces her most perilous time We the People have come together to make our last stand for Freedom.  

Today we find ourselves in disbelief as Our Own President try’s to destroy our Country from within.

Make no mistake about it, much of this Senate and some in our Congress along with Our President are confirmed Socialist/Marxists/COMMUNISTS bent on taking away our personal freedoms and liberties and turning this great nation into nothing more than a THIRD WORLD satellite of Communist China and Russia or both. The hand writing is on the Wall for all who are willing to see and time is of the essence.

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8 Responses to New Site Under Construction: The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

  1. JC says:

    Coming to a city near you:

    LAMBERTVILLE, MI (WTOL) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is working to solve a case of vandalism that turned life-threatening.

    John King was shot in the arm last week when he surprised a man trying to slash the tires on the truck at his Lambertville home.The word “scab” was also scrawled on the side.

    King says he became suspicious when he saw an outside security light outside go on.

    When he stepped out of his front door, the man fired one shot and ran off.

    King is the owner of the largest non-union electrical contracting company in the area.

    Anyone with information should call the Monroe County Sheriff’s office at 734-240-7530.

  2. JC says:

    I am going to do some research on what is posted on “the names of the 70 democratic members of congress who are member of the DSA’s and their caucus.” There are a few that I know are no longer members of the senate or the house. I’ll let you all know what I find out.

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  4. wdednh says:

    Awesome Bob!

  5. Freedom, by the way says:

    This is gonna be good! When it’s official, I’ll be promoting on my site, as well.

  6. samiam60 says:

    Thank you for the link back my friend ;)

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