Political Correctness. GARBAGE!

Fuck political correctness championed by academics, politicians, the media and a host of other assholes. They will see us dead, too fucking stupid to realize they will die with us, perhaps the first to die by what they defend. And you “people” elect these assholes to be your leaders, WTF?

Brigitte Gabriel – Blasts Political Correctness.flv

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4 Responses to Political Correctness. GARBAGE!

  1. JC says:


    I would say that the Saudi’s are much more at the heart of radical islam. The largest portion of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. Saudi’s are the ones who promote wahabbism (sp). But you are correct Iran is a threat in that they are going to use a WMD on Isreal and America…it is just a matter of time. I suspect that the nut job who rules Iran is currying favor with Russia right now to get what they need to finish their little project. The ruler of Iran is a believer of bringing about the madhi. Have you read up on the madhi (there entity that is going to bring justice to the earth) and his similarities with the Biblical anti-christ? They are one and the same.

    As for your being head of Homeland Security…I could totally get behind that idea. Janet is so….detestable. She is incompetent and a marxist at heart. She is doing just exactly what BHO/Lucifer wants her to do by demonizing middle class white Americans…I believe that part of BHO/Lucifer’s instructions from his master(s) is to create a race war in America. The PERFECT crisis to install marital law and suspend the 2012 elections. Watch and see the so called “flash mobs” are just the beginning.

    People of all races in America need to wake up and smell the coffee…there has been nothing about BHO/Lucifer that can be considered a UNITER. He has driven a wedge between all peoples and he will continue to do that. It serves his purposes. However I do find it telling that he is campainging in the heart of America (this is where his team sees he has the most issues with voters…the white folks are jumping ship) whilst the black voters can be counted on no matter what…they will vote for him ’cause after all you gotta give a brothah a break”. Collectively black folks will continue to vote democrat because that is all they know. Over whelmingly they have never heard a conservative message. Most still think that the Civil Rights legislation passed in the 60’s were the product of democratic leaders getting it passed. When in reality it was the Republicans who voted in higher numbers than the democrats. Just ask Al Gore…his daddy did not vote for it. He actually stood on the house floor and tried to stop it. But teachers do not teach real history anymore they teach lies and convoluted/slanted version that are not based in reality.

    Okay I am off my soap box.

  2. roblorinov says:

    Here’s an idea. Give me control of the US military and allow me to bomb the SHIT out of the entire Middle East one nation after the other. That should pretty much stop the spread of radical Islam. And if need be also appoint me as head of Homeland Security so I can simultaneously deal with the radical Muslims in our own borders. Let me be clear (yes I stole that line from BO). When I’m finished radical Islam will no longer pose any kind of threat inside or outside of the US and we can get on with business! And where would I start? Well right at the heart of radical Islam. That would be right in Tehran, Iran! :)

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