Muslim Brotherhood in America

When, oh when are people going to wake up? When their daughters are forced to dress in garbage bags, when their sons are crawling on the ground banging their heads on the ground facing Mecca. When it is too late? We are in a war with Islam, like it or not. A war declared by Muslims in the name of Islam. You have only 3 choices. Stand up and fight, submit to Islam or die. There is no 4th choice. Don’t believe the likes of Obama who praises Islam and its glorious heritage at every turn. Believe 14 centuries of history and what is happening in the world today courtesy of Islam.

As seen on Fox News Channel on February 7, 2011. Jenna Lee and Brigitte Gabriel investigate the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Their ideology is very clear, and that is the destruction of the United States, the destruction of Western values and Western culture, and ushering in an Islamic empire.”

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4 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood in America

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  4. JC says:

    And BHO/Lucifer and his minions wonder why this bothers the average person on the planet?

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