Obama and company, destroyer’s of the Republic!

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It has become abundantly clear since Obama’s being elected that he is no friend to America. He circumvents Congress at every turn possible, has filled his administration with socialists and cares not for our Constitution. All of his endeavors to date have been destructive and now he is endorsed by the Communist Party. Communism which could not defeat us from the outside is now destroying us from within.

Could it be that Big Government is what is wrong with our economic problem and NOT our political system? Having a republic that values the United States Constitution should not be a problem… The big problem is that our president, his advisers and his close associates, refuse to respect and listen to our Constitutional political process.

Obama has been endorsed by the Communist Party. [1] The goal of the Communist Party is the enslavement of all people for the “common good.” The end game for the Communists is to change the United States into a socialist nation much like Cuba, Venezuela and China.

During one of the closing remarks given after a break out session, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, former Governor of Iowa, introduced the crowd to Obama. Vilsak said that the president is someone in whom he has great trust. Vilsack noted that a good leader is someone in whom people have confidence. Obama, likewise, praised Vilsack and it wasn’t too long before Obama made this statement: “We need to fix our politics.”

How can Obama as the president of a free country, and how can citizens of a free country, blame the very process that guards our freedoms? The political process, albeit somewhat flawed, is the only process in the world that provides government representation “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Indeed, Obama said many times throughout his tour that there was not anyone in any other country who would not want to come to America. Read more…
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  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Excellent post Bob A.

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