Who has been through a hurricane?

Who are critics of restoration operations? I have been through hurricanes Hilda, Betsy and Camille while in New Orleans. As an employee of Louisiana Power & Light when Camille hit I can assure you that they do all that is humanly possible to restore power and as an employee of NY Tel when Gloria hit LI I can personally say the same about both power and communications. There is no incentive to do otherwise. If the electric meter is not spinning, no dial tone for your phone there is not that revenue for the utility. You may be frustrated while without power or phone but rest assured it is the utilities that are doing all possible to restore service, not the government, politicians or media. All the President can do by visiting, or government by getting too involved is get in the way of restoration efforts.

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6 Responses to Who has been through a hurricane?

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    That depends on the hurricane. If a storm is powerful enough, it makes sense for the Coast Guard and military forces to assist in rescue operations. Otherwise, state and local governments, and private organizations should be able to handle matters. The notion the Federal Government has to do something is just plain dumb.

  2. I lived through Gloria on Long Island, the last storm of the strength Irene is predicted to have to strike that area. It was crazy.
    I linked to your post over at my place, here:
    There is some Hurricane Irene related music posted there for your enjoyment. :)

    • boudicabpi says:

      As Camille was approaching all vehicles were moved out of LP&L facilities and went home with the SR. Lineman on each 2 man crew so they would be more widely dispersed, not all in a central location where they could maybe all be damaged and restoration could begin immediately after the storms passing. After Camille hit New Orleans and restoration of power was winding down LP&L crews started moving into MS to work on restoration of their power grid as they got hit harder than LA. When Gloria hit I was in Mid Hudson region of NY I was with NY Tel and we went to LI. Were teamed up with a crew from PP&L setting poles for LILCO as power goes up first then Tel and finally cable last. In fact cable lines would simply be cut if they interfered with either power or tel going up.
      Bob A.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    I used to live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I saw several hurricanes come and go. Government has a place in the restoration efforts. The police maintain order and road crews (really contractors) clear the roads. And sometimes rescue crews (often volunteers) do what rescuers do.

    Mostly it is up to the people who live where the storm passed to clean up and get back to the business of living. Whenever we wait for someone else to clean up for us, we waste a lot of time. Life is too short for that.

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