There is no place in any civilized society for Islam. It’s dictates are completely contrary to any norm of civilization.

There is no place in Europe for muslims, This man is 100% right in what he is saying —.A MUST WATCH VIDEO— if you what to learn something !

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  1. DD says:

    I worked with muslims and had an opportunity to speak with a Princess privately after a meeting scheduled in the USA. I asked her what it was really like to live in her country as a woman. She slowly removed the veil of her Burka and look directly at me and said that “We HATE it there and our children HATE it there”. She went on and on and told of her cousin who had gone to college in Europe, fell in love with a Christian man, knowing it meant she could never return to her country. She remained in Europe but after 10 years or so, she yearned to see her family again. She had been a Princess, but still could not return home. Her Brothers kept at her to come home and called her repeatedly promising no one would hurt her if she came home. After many years she decided to return to see her mother and family. As soon as she stepped off the plane she was escorted by her brothers to a place where they beheaded her.
    Read the book “Princess” by Jean P. Sasson. I believe this Princess could have been the same woman I spoke to so many years ago. After you read the perversions and the criminal activity that is allowed to the muslim men, I am sure you will quickly agree that their sick and perverted ways will be dangerous for our families, especially our children. I, for one, would like these people removed from all Western society for our children and family sakes.

  2. Christ in east says:

    what is wrong with europe? they have every blessing from God then why r they letting these muslims loot and plunder.there is a hell difference between muhammad and Jesus.There r two different people and those who follow them also have differences.One taught mercy and forgiveness,other taught hatred and revenge.Jesus never killed but muhammad was a murderer.Jesus forgave the woman who was committed adultery.muhammad stoned a woman 2 death was caught in adultery.Muhammad married a girl who was only 9 years old and had several wives and sex slaves.Remember friend if u keep snakes in ur home they r going 2 kill u and all your family.If the Europeon government is afraid becoz eurpeons don’t have kids then they should do something else than letting these muslims(terrorists) spoil their land.Why can’t they give visas to christian minorities living in the muslim countries.Sooner or latter these muslims r going to slaughter minorities so why don’t let them come to europe

    • boudicabpi says:

      Your right on. Thanks for visiting and giving your views.
      Bob A.

    • shafi says:

      it will better for you to study islam, in order to completly became aware from islam

      • DD says:

        Actions speak louder than words. The actions of the muslim leadership and religious leaders reflect an evil and unforgiving agenda. Ridding non muslims a priority. What am I missing

    • DD says:

      Good for you. Now is the time that all GOOD Christian People stand up and kick these evil devils out of our countries. I usually never generalize, but in this case, since I do not see evidence of the good muslims standing up against their BS priest and radical evil religious leaders, then I have to believe ALL MUSLIMS BELIEVE THE SAME.

  3. roblorinov says:

    Finally a European with some guts to speak out and tell the truth!! I’d just about given up on the Europeans as being gutless cowards. Fact is there is too vast a divide between Western and Eastern culture and Christianity and Islam and that divide is never going to be bridged by any means. This guy says there is a place for Western culture and Muslim culture. You bet! Europe for Western culture and the Muslims can go BACK from where they came from! The majority of Muslim are taught NOT to assimilate into the culture of the West but to maintain their Islamic culture at all costs.

  4. Freedom, by the way says:

    Wow–his comment “All the money we’ve thrown at them (Muslims) if we had that back we wouldn’t have any economic problems…” He’s really telling it like it is, huh? Yes. I agree with his premise–muslims do not integrate into Western society because they don’t want to integrate. Solution? Don’t move into an area where you don’t want to assimilate. While I would love to see the Eyptian pyramids one day, I have no desire to move there (even before the uprisings) because I have no desire to assimilate into their society.

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