Obama fixing Mexican trucks to drive in USA! WTF?

H/T Theodore’s World

Obama creating more jobs. For non US citizens at the expense of US truckers. Where is the outrage?

Generous Uncle Sam stepped in for the sake of improving air quality on both sides of the border by replacing old mufflers on dozens of Mexican trucks at a cost of $1,600 each. U.S. truck drivers are required to have the type of converters that Mexicans are getting from the government but American truckers must pay for theirs.   

Just weeks before the Obama government begins a program that allows Mexican commercial trucks to travel deep into the U.S., the Texas Department of Public Safety reveals that, within the last few years, cargo trucks entering the United States from Mexico had more than 1 million safety violations.
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2 Responses to Obama fixing Mexican trucks to drive in USA! WTF?

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  2. roblorinov says:

    Obama is a man of the world didn’t you know? He said so himself back in 08. He’s a global citizen whatever the hell that crap is. He loves creating jobs anywhere and everywhere except the USA. Guess he’s not an American by his own admission because he’s a citizen of the world. So someone wanna tell me why this guy is still POTUS?

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