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A suggestion for all college student liberals. Go hiking and take your “professors with you”.

H/T to our friend at BNI. Hiking Stupid WildBillforAmerica

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Naked Support for Saudi Women. Adult, LOL.

Via our friend CMBlake Naked Support for Saudi Women Kiev, Ukraine, 16 June 2011- Women’s movement FEMEN held a topless rally in front of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Saudi women do want to drive and the government of kingdom … Continue reading

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Just some questions, can anyone tell me why…

…Obama was basically silent on the revolt in Iran, advocated the overthrow of Mubarak, concerned about Gadaffi killing Muslims in Libya and doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about the wholesale murdering of Christians in Iraq where we have … Continue reading

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Egypt? Nice going Obama!

Via American Thinker Obama shares some of the blame for this. He openly supported the “revolution” in Egypt and the overthrow of Mubarak. I think many of us knew that this would be the likely outcome. The assholes we choose … Continue reading

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What’s that on the dam wall???? Via my cuz Oliver

What’s that on the dam wall?   Look closely!   It’s one of those things you have to see to believe. This is some place in Italy not the U.S. This is the Diga del Cingino dam in Italy – Can you see … Continue reading

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