Egypt? Nice going Obama!

Via American Thinker

Obama shares some of the blame for this. He openly supported the “revolution” in Egypt and the overthrow of Mubarak. I think many of us knew that this would be the likely outcome. The assholes we choose for leaders had some kind of a mad pipe dream that the revolution would bring democracy, freedom and peace to the middle east. What the hell is in that pipe that they’re smoking. Granted dictators such as Mubarak, Gaddafi, Assad are not nice guys but they kept a handle on things and prevented the region from becoming one giant Islamist area in the image of Iran. Let’s face the facts, the nature of Islam is prohibitive to a free society, folks it ain’t gonna happen. What Obama did was supportive of an Islamic caliphate with the same goals as Iran, the destruction of Israel followed by the destruction of the United States and western civilization. Is he a complete imbecile or is this part of an ideal of Obama and his tribe of followers. I say the latter as no sane person can think the mid east revolts are a good thing. It did not take long to see the fruits of revolution in Egypt and we will see it in Libya. And oh yeah Obama wants to give the Egyptians state of the art battle tanks. We know what they will be used for.

August 29, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood, Genocide, and Obama

By William Sullivan

The Muslim Brotherhood has just issued an ultimatum to the Israeli ambassador in Egypt, telling him to “leave Egypt or die.”  Brotherhood activists have rallied together, emboldened by their rise to prevalence in the political vacuum created by Mubarak’s resignation, to show the world that “[r]evolution is stronger than the Zionist attackers,” and they go on to say that “the entire Egyptian people are Hamas.” Read more…
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