December 2012!

Thanks a lot politicians, Democrats and Republicans. You Assholes.

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2 Responses to December 2012!

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  2. roblorinov says:

    The day to pay the piper always comes no matter what. Just what made the MORONS in DC think it would never come is amazing! They’ve spent and spent and government spending IS and has been the problem for at least the past 50 years! It is our politicians who have created this problem and as the crisis this guy warns of grows (and it is coming I agree) they will expect the people of this nation to cover their asses. That’s when these free spending politicians need to be run out of the country on a rail via slow boat to Communist China which they are so in love with. TRAITORS ALL!! Why should the people of this nation have to pay for their unbridled decades of free spending? We should have gotten tuff with these people long ago so they would have known they had a boss to answer to, the American people. But we didn’t and that is our big mistake! I do not foresee any way to stop the looming crisis from descending on us. Frankly, it is now TOO LATE! I expect Chairman Obamavich will make this very speech via teleprompter in Dec 2012 if not before. He will declare Marshal Law and sentence the masses to abject poverty like you would not believe. Hope he and his Communist cronies are happy. Then, but of course, the Marxist system will be launched and we will be told that capitalism and free enterprise just does not work. Well of course it doesn’t when you have a pack of SNAKES free spending the people’s money with no self control!! Why would it work? This implementing of Marxism in the US has been the plan for at least the past 50 years of the global Communist who envision a one world government under Communism. So far the plan has worked perfectly. They now can taste world domination it is so close!!

    I hope the bastards are happy! I hope they are proud of bringing down the greatest nation and people in human history! I hope they are happy when the US turns into something akin to the tribal warfare system in Afghanistan! People are not going to lay down and take this lightly. Oh yes, yes the government lackies will and so will those who think they can’t do anything about it (one of Americans favorite excuses). But many people in this nation will not and that will be when CIVIL WAR begins all across this nation and it will make the last civil war pale in comparison I suspect.

    Tie down the hatches folks! Really BAD times are coming! You aint’ seen nothing yet if you think you are already sacrificing! It’s about to get 1000 times worse! And such is the price we pay for leaving the political fox in charge of our hen house while we slept and ate cake America!!

    Frickin unbelievable!!

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