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Ideal politician

Via my cousin Oliver This  guy would make an ideal politician and probably do a better job than any we  have today! I  hope he runs in 2012. At least he has what is sadly missing in  Washington …….

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‘Before Kool-Aid Meant Crazy….’

please hit the link and visit our friend for her poem. Poem By The Mad Jewess: ‘Before Kool-Aid Meant Crazy….’

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Hoffa’s an idiot, socialist, union POS.

Hoffa should be proud of his douchebag supporters. Obama should be proud of Hoffa and his union supporters. Twp POS’s in a pod. Hoffa supporters have created a Facebook page on which they have posted the address of tea partier Justen … Continue reading

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A question for the CBC, excepting Rep. West.

If the members of the Congressional Black Caucus are so concerned about the state of blacks in America why are they so gung ho to promote policies that keep them down and dependent on government? That really seems to be … Continue reading

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