Hoffa’s an idiot, socialist, union POS.

Hoffa should be proud of his douchebag supporters. Obama should be proud of Hoffa and his union supporters. Twp POS’s in a pod.

Hoffa supporters have created a Facebook page on which they have posted the address of tea partier Justen Charters and are encouraging fellow Hoffa supporters to send human excrement through the federal mail system. Why? Because Charters came up with the idea to sent 1,000 tea bags to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.

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2 Responses to Hoffa’s an idiot, socialist, union POS.

  1. JC says:

    From a psychological point any one who plays in their poop is more apt to become a mass murderer. That explains alot about people like the person who suggested such thing. Those who follow this kind of order should be subjected to the harshest penalties available.

  2. What do you expect- he’s his fathers son- I don’t like him, but it shocked me had he done anything less

    Thanks for dropping by this morning… linking you now.. when I have time to play I want to start linking with the Avatars like you did

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