This is Islam, Screw B Hussein Obama the Muslim lover!

Courtesy of the Mad Jewess.

WTF is it with you people that you don’t see the truth, the truth of Islam and the Obama character in the White House? He is leading you to slaughter with his appeasement, outreach and love of Islam. These are his friends, not America’s, not the friends of western civilization. Wake the fuck up.

American flag burned outside US embassy on 9/11

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2 Responses to This is Islam, Screw B Hussein Obama the Muslim lover!

  1. UsneakydevilU says:

    You’re right, when Obama and his cronies consider The Tea Party more of an enemy to the U.S. than these flag burning Muslims psychos; you know he’s not with America but against America.

  2. mike smith says:

    i do not believe what i have seen the politicians have allowed, along with the police , for england to become a cess pool ,how in the hell can you move the people of england along and threaten arrest and yet allow the muslims to spew forth their shit ,of course they are right on one thing we are in their countries illegally and tony blair should be hung by his balls ,if he has any ,and be allowed to dry out ,bring our troops home and throw this muslim garbage out ,does anybody know how much this garbage is costing us to keep in our country????.for gods sake bring in the bnp and listen to the edl and lets have power returned to the people and the monarcy at least the conrtol of parliment as it has been highjacked by bleeding hearts of the most stupid .mr choudry is an expensive cider swilling asshole who is not worth the money the government allows him to recieve along with his housing allowance,check on his past and see what kind of muslim he is or as he says was,the other muslims with a lot to say should be deported asap for incitement of hatred and disturbing the peace but of course the right honerable cameron is not going to stick his neck out for england and its people he is too comfortable as he is ,and the pension is good although he does not need one ,i wish for once that he would consider the english people and their position,as the uk has devolved without asking the english if we wanted to be free of the other countries and have our own parliment ,as we have it, all can sit in the houses of parliament,and we do not have the right of self government ,time to be free for the english,home rule ,do you know how many people would return to england if this was so??? GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND THE ENGLISH MONARCY AND ENGLANDS FAIR LAND ,close the doors and trade with the commonwealth .if they would have us back ,no slave trading with the muslims and no muslims allowed to enter the country ,no embassies no trading with any muslim country unless there is good relations with the christian population of that country,any muslim wanting to stay in the country of england will swear alleigance to the queen and the country recognise there is only one law for that country and the religion in main is church of england and you may stay providing you were born in england,if this cannot be done you leave for your parents country of birth ,by force if neccessary ,so out of the eu and back to being english,i think spain would like to be free as they were before the eu ???? for me i like people and re3ligion is not so important but this has been made so by the muslim element and has to be dealt with as if it was a boil on your face ,it has to be lanced and dealt with asap and then allowed to be healed so hurry up and do it please

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