Obama is everything that is wrong with America today!

Wake up folks. We have been going to hell in a hand basket for quite some time but Obama has fast tracked our journey to Communism. True, he has had no lacking of help from his tribe of followers and fake or spineless conservatives. Visit our friend Rob Lorinov, he has many posts telling of the parallels between where we are headed and Communist USSR. The below thanks to Patriot Action Network

White House Aide Say Obama Might Move His Agenda Forward Using Executive Orders…

We have outlined and discussed this at great length.   Obama WILL take any approach, regardless of legality, constitutionality, or proceedural norm to advance his leftist ideology, the media calls it his “agenda”.   Now his aides are admitting as such openly.  His current historical track record is exactly this approach.

It is disheartening to continually read, listen to and watch conservatives failing to recognize what is happening right in front of their face. President Obama is rapidly taking us to a place of no return. Some might actually argue we are already there. I would be hard pressed to disagree with them. Consider these facts:

President Obama has executed the Dream Act in stealth mode by executive order granting protected status to millions of illegal aliens and summarily protecting them from any deportation.

President Obama has executed the elimination of the Defense Of Marriage Act by executive order barring the Justice department from prosecuting or defending a legally binding law issued by congress.   Dictatorial fiat. 

More can be found by clicking HERE

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1 Response to Obama is everything that is wrong with America today!

  1. roblorinov says:

    Obama is a dictator even though he still tries to pretend he is not. He uses EO to IMPOSE HIS agenda on us which is the SAME agenda of the global Communists aka New World Order. Time the people of the world figure out that the NWO and the global Communists are one in the SAME!! Those who have actually lived under the tyranny of a Communist regime know exactly where our nation is headed right now. Don’t be fooled! The writing is on the wall. Soon you will see it just as plainly as we do! But by then it may be too late as America is very well along the way on the road to Communism thanks to Obama and his worshiping drones. The funny thing is that when the Communist do takeover neither Obama or any of the aspiring Communists in America will be in power. Communists Marxists love to kill each other and they will do just that. Read your history people. Communist history is full of examples of such. All Obama and the Commie supporters are are “useful idiots” and when the global Communists are done using them they will be sent to the ovens or firing squad I assure you. Barack Obama is one man who should have NEVER EVER been put into the WH!! Don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s Lenin American Style. He’s not! He’s a useful idiot…a puppet who will be spit out into the bucket when the real Communist power is finished using him. Just watch.

    Thanks Boudica for the link and write up :)

    BTW I posted an article yesterday reflecting the FACT that Muslims are NOT the fastest growing religion on earth nor in America backed up by data. All this crap we hear about Islam being the fastest growing faith in America and the world is crap! Not true!! They DO pose the greatest threat to America and the world, however, but we already know that. :) Also, the Taliban attacked the US embassy in Kabul today. Much reported in the foreign press with not much reported in the US media about it. Appeasement? You bet! Now we have turned into chickens, no? Unbelievable we have NO SPINE in this nation!!

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