A tale of two douchebags.

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The Self Parody Administration

by rogueoperator

President Obama woke up restless.  His vision was so grand, so all-encompassing, he could not let any detail slip from his imagination. He donned his pink bunny slippers and slipped out the backdoor of the White House kitchen for a smoke.

The pinkish glow of the morning sun yawned over the horizon and glossed the capitol dome, whose fuzzy glare made it resemble an overripe peach for the plucking.

As he struck the match and lit his Kool cigarette, he contemplated all the CFCs being emitted into the atmosphere from non-prescription asthma inhalers. Those would have to go, he resolved.

The president threw down his half-lit cig onto the lot, ground it into the asphalt, and chortled while he imagined a teabagger.  Why would anyone but a racist oppose his agenda to introduce some compassion into the system?

Entering the kitchen he bumped into Juan, the head chef.

“What’s on the menu today, Juan?” Obama said, grasping his stubbly chin.

“Salmon tartar, asparagus tips…” the cook said pleasingly.

“Cool all that noise. We’re ordering pizza. There’s that great little place in St. Louis…”

“But Mr. President, won’t the pizza get a bit…cold?” Juan replied, perplexed.  “And also,” he added nervously, “what about the health plan the Mrs. came up with?”

“Oh, right.” He paused and then sighed. “We’ll just fly the chef in to make pizza here,” the president said, dreading his explanation to Michelle. “Let me handle her.”

“Yes, sir!” Juan said and threw the asparagus in the trash. Read more…

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