People, wake up or welcome Amerika!

H/T to Rob Lorinov

It’s been a while coming but under the current tribe of progressives challenged only by a few we are on a fast track to Communism. Most of the Republican crowd are no more than spineless voices against a government gone amuck.

Tyranny: When the People are Designated the Enemy of the State

It is a sad day when government designates the people of the nation as enemies of the State. Doing such a thing is one of the first steps to tyranny and dictatorship. It is a move that proves beyond any doubt that government no longer represents the people but is now designed to oppress the people. It is a sure sign that government no longer governs but rules over the masses. Yet, this is exactly what is happening in the United States today. More and more we are hearing the Dept of Homeland Security speak of “domestic terrorism” committed by American citizens. That is a bit unsettling in my opinion. In fact it is VERY disturbing!

When did government decide that the very people who put them into office are the enemy and not to be trusted? When did government decide that the masses were too ignorant to understand the issues? I do not think ignorance is the problem at all. I think the real problem is many in government has compromised themselves and fear getting caught by the people and thrown out of office! The American people are not as ignorant as government supposes they are! In fact, the majority of the American people understand the issues very well and they understand that our Republic has been hijacked by criminals and Communists! Read more…

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