Brian Lilley: Build The Keystone Pipeline

Environmentalists strike again. As they point out in this interview we have too many brainless people working on energy policy in the United States. This oil is going to be produced whether we build the pipeline or not and the alternatives are potentially much more environmentally damaging than a pipeline not to mention the loss of job creation which this project would bring to the U.S. WTF?

Background: Harper ‘confident’ Keystone pipeline to proceed

“I’m confident it will be built,” he said.

Harper also spoke of how Canada, as an “ultimate friend to the United States,” is a reliable energy supplier because it doesn’t “use oil or energy projects as strategic resources to achieve… foreign policy or political ends.”

“An integration of Canadian and American energy markets is a great thing, not just economically, but politically and strategically for both countries,” the prime minister concluded.

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