[DutchessNY912] Did you notice who Obama threatened?

Via an email

From now thru November 2012 this should be required weekly or at least monthly, reading

BY ALL VOTERS: Democrat, Independent, Republican, etal.

Did you notice who Obama threatened when not getting his way on raising the debt ceiling?He threatened to

not pay: Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social Security disability and Federal Retirees.

 Let this sink in –


He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens

He did not threaten to take frivolous benefits (such as Internet access) away from violent prison inmates

He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired.

He did not offer to cut down on his, or his wife’s, frivolous gallivanting around

He did not threaten the pay of senators and representatives, or any of their staff

He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients

He did not threaten the food stamp programs

He did not threaten to not pay foreign aid

He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters

The list could go on and on.   He is in full political re-election mode!

His type of change is killing your country.   He needs to be stopped and only your votes can do it. 


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1 Response to [DutchessNY912] Did you notice who Obama threatened?

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Death rides a pale horse, and in every choice he makes he chooses to encourage the death of those that are the strongest supporters of the future of the country. His way leads to the death of the people and the country. Violence is on the increase throughout the world and yet the man who would stop the seas from rising is turning the earth red with the blood of the innocent!

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