Have I got a bargain for you. Save 33% with the same results! Come one come all.

Bitchelle err…Michelle Obama is emailing chances for a dinner with Barack at $3.00. Bring your question and ask and talk to him. Save 33%, send me $2.00 cash, no name return address required and I will be putting it into a pool to have lunch with me. Bring your questions and like Barack talk to somebody that doesn’t give a fly’n fuck about what you think and will dismiss your thoughts as soon as I fleece your pocket. The winner will probably be the one that sent no name or return address, but oh well. Will have a grand time.

What a bunch of leeching douchebags.

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3 Responses to Have I got a bargain for you. Save 33% with the same results! Come one come all.

  1. roblorinov says:

    LOL hey maybe you can have some of that famous WH Honey Brew Beer that Obama likes to drink and boast about. I won’t be sending 10 cents so I guess I won’t get picked to dine with the Big O….Big O???…..That wouldn’t be as in Big O A-hole would it? Nah I didn’t think so :)

  2. Hey! I got one of those emails! Cool huh? A chance for dinner with Big Daddy’O!! Woo hoo!!!!! Ya … well … I got my $5 and held it up to d’screen but nuthing happened??? Guess he didn’t pick me … Ya think anyone in the White House could be … um … racist?

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