Former ISI Chief Hamid Gul: ‘As Muslims, We Are Militant by Nature


This is an interesting take on the region and a worth read. Also a reason to get rid of Obama and to avoid voting for the likes of Ron Paul. We need someone with a strong position on our military and defense and there is no reason to be reaching out to Muslims. Outreach doesn’t work.

October 2, 2011
Special Dispatch No.4173

Former ISI Chief Hamid Gul: ‘As Muslims, We Are Militant by Nature’; ‘Afghanistan and Pakistan, With China At Their Back, Will Be Too Powerful a Bloc [Against U.S./India]’; ‘Islamic Forces Are Also Moving to Confront India’

  In a recent interview, Lt.-Gen. (retired) Hamid Gul, former chief of Pakistani military’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), argued that it is not in Pakistan’s interest to be part of the U.S. efforts for peace talks with the Taliban. “It is good if Pakistan is not involved in the talks [with the Taliban] because the goals that the U.S. wants to achieve are not in Pakistan’s interest. The U.S. wants Indian supremacy in Afghanistan,” he added.

In the interview, conducted after the May 2, 2011 Abbottabad operation, Gul noted that the situation began shifting in favor of Pakistan after the Pakistani military began confronting the U.S. He stated: “If the U.S. wants Pakistani assistance, it should come with its issues, but it should keep it in mind that American goals cannot be achieved because the Taliban are not defeated, but it is the U.S. [which has been defeated in Afghanistan].” The interview was published by the right-wing Urdu-language daily Roznama Ummat.

On the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Gul granted another interview to the London Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. In it, he said that the “9/11 was basically a pretext for the Americans to establish a permanent presence in Afghanistan, as this is a central strategic location. From here, the Americans can contain China, control the Middle East and South Asia, and keep an eye on Central Asia. Pakistan represents their central target.”

Accusing the U.S. and India of aiding the Taliban and trying todestablize Karachi so that the Pakistan Army could be embroiled in a security operation in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest commercial city, the former ISI chief said Pakistan has found an important ally in China, which could enable Pakistan to confront the U.S. “Our problem was that we didn’t have any alternative [to the U.S.]. Luckily we now have an alternative in the form of China,” he said. He added: “China will become an economic superpower without firing a single bullet. China will be the biggest beneficiary when U.S. troops leave the region.”

He also noted, “The U.S. divided the Pakistani nation and has asked India to provide weapons to Tehreek-e-Taliban in Pakistan. They are the ones responsible for destabilizing Karachi. In addition to this, India is fragmenting. Take it from me, their democracy is falling apart and voices of revolution are coming out of India.”

Following are excerpts from the Roznama Ummat interview,1 and from the Al-Sharq Al-Awsat interview:

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