Nonie Darwish Says Islam Should be ‘Annihilated’

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Nonie Darwish Says Islam Should be ‘Annihilated’ (CAIR)

CAIR Asks Va. Law School to Drop Speaker Who Says ‘Annihilate’ Islam

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/30/11) — A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization is calling on Virginia’s George Mason University School of Law to disinvite Nonie Darwish, a notorious Islamophobe who has stated that Islam is a “poison to a society” that is “based on lies” and must be “annihilated.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today released a video of Darwish speaking at a protest in Florida earlier this year in which she states: “Islam is a poison to a society. It’s divisive. It’s hateful. Look what Islam is doing on our college campuses. It’s full of anti-Semitism. It’s going to turn us against one another. It’s going to produce chaos in society. Because Islam should be feared, and should be fought, and should be conquered, and defeated, and annihilated, and it’s going to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, Islam is going to be brought down. . .Because Islam is based on lies and it’s not based on the truth. I have no doubt whatsoever that Islam is going to be destroyed.”

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2 Responses to Nonie Darwish Says Islam Should be ‘Annihilated’

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  2. JC says:

    Brave smart woman…that is why they hate her. They want timid, brain dead zombies…after all the only thing that a woman is good for is for F@#$%&*…that is what islam does to woman debases them to lower than an animal. Just how is that good in the eyes of any god? That is just one more way you can know that islam is of satan…only satan would debase another creation of the ONLY TRUE G_D to such a level of such hate and disdain. I pity any woman who is living in the nightmare of islam.

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