NewsBusted 10/4/11

Topics in today’s show:

–Two American born Al-Qaeda leaders were killed last week by a drone strike in Yemen

–Obama said America’s in crisis because it’s gone a little soft in recent years

–NC Gov. Bev Perdue suggested we suspend elections until Congress can fix the economy

–Herman Cain is surging in the polls

–Recent crowds have gathered near Wall St. to protest corporate greed and wealthy Americans

–Mitt Romney met secretly with Donald Trump in New York last week

–On Dancing with the Stars, Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction

–An actress from Shotime’s “The L Word” says she was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for kissing her girlfriend

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1 Response to NewsBusted 10/4/11

  1. roblorinov says:

    I’m not losing any sleep over the two terrorist the drones killed in Yemen last week. And I’m glad the American traitor is dead as he was one of them. BTW discovered an interesting piece of info yesterday. The Awalaki (or however the hell he spelled his name) was born in the US but he had dual citizenship also in Yemen. After 9/11 he left the US and moved to Yemen where he GAVE UP his US citizenship. So that right there makes him NOT a US citizen. So why are all the libs crying that our government killed a US citizen when in fact they did NOT???

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