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It’s crystal clear what Obama thinks of you and America.

This Obama character and his tribe could care less about you the American people. He is on course to change our great Republic. Obama’s fundamentally changing America = Amerika. Obama is laughing while he… …and still some will vote for … Continue reading

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David Horowitz, Middle East Conflict

The middle east conflict is not about self determination for the (fake) Palestinians or peace. It is about the destruction of Israel and the likes of Obama, Clinton and a slew of western “leaders” refuse to recognize the truth. Instead … Continue reading

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Time to ban the burqa in public.

Once again, here in the U. S. a man dressed in Arab women’s clothing involved in an armed robbery. Four men arraigned in Ruby Jewelers holdup

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What say you?

Comments please.

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Obama 2012 bumper sticker 10/06/11

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