An isolated Israel?

Israel is isolated in no small part to western leaders, notably our own Obama. These people are either incredibly naive or purposely aiding Islam in the destruction of Israel. In the case of B. Hussein I believe it is the latter. We are at war with Islam, like it or not. A war for the very survival of our way of life. Islam (Muslims) are quite clear in their intent and do disregard their signals is folly. For our leaders to disregard their intent and continue promoting Islamic immigration is treason. They are aiding the enemy and it must be stopped.

Israel will always remain isolated in a region defined by religion and race

Alone in the Muslim World

– Daniel Greenfield  Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leon Panetta visited Israel to warn about its “growing isolation” and he is half right. Right about the isolation and wrong about the growing part.

Israel is isolated in the Middle-East, but its isolation is a constant reality, not a growing phenomenon. It is not isolated because of its policies, as its critics claim, but because its identity is at odds with a region dominated by Arab-Muslims whose national identities is closely tied to ethnicity and religion.

Israel is isolated in the same way that the United States and Canada are isolated among a hemisphere of Latino states or they would be if they paid attention to what was going on south of the border. But the North American anglos have enough land and population to ignore the commonplace hostility of their southern neighbors. Enough breathing room that most in the north are unaware that there is a rivalry in the south.

With its tiny territory, a sizable minority population that is from the regional majority (something that is also becoming an issue in the United States) and nothing in the way of a buffer zone, the isolation is much more extreme for the only non-Muslim and non-Arab state in the Middle-East. But there is one additional factor. Israel’s difference is not merely ethnic or racial, it’s also religious. And the religion it’s surrounded by is a creed which views mass murder as an acceptable solution to religious differences. Read more…

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2 Responses to An isolated Israel?

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    “israel is hated because it is different and it survives because it is powerful.” From the article. I found that statement so true and sad in a way because it reminded me of our country–the way we used to be revered by foreigners (and still are, Thank God, to some respect). America is loved because she is different and she leads because she is strong. (I can’t say that with as much confidence as ten years ago).

  2. loopyloo305 says:

    Excellent catch Bob A. and an excellent post!

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