Pat Condell on Palestinians.

The great Palestinian lie

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5 Responses to Pat Condell on Palestinians.

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  2. Guiseppe says:

    Stop the hate, the racism, and the lies
    What’s happening there you can’t deny
    Everyday someone is hurt and others die
    Old man.. with all do respect
    Your friendship I shall reject

    • boudicabpi says:

      I never asked for your friendship so you have no friendship to reject. Everyday someone getting hurt or dying is on the shoulders of the Palestinians and their supporters. That can’t be denied. That being said you are welcome to come here and express your views.
      Bob A.

      • Guiseppe says:

        Your blog was friendly enough to believe that but your post wasn’t. I appreciate that you are welcoming me to express my views and this reflects that you do have good in yourself. I did express my view and I have nothing more to add.

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