“Islamic Street Justice”

Take this video viral. Where is the media??

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Obama’s muzzie buddies in St. Louis, Mo.

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6 Responses to “Islamic Street Justice”

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  2. SKhan says:

    Lol, the 2 posts above me are B.S. @ the first guy who posted: wasn’t your sufi imam friend proof enough that Islam truly is a peaceful religion?

    @the second guy who posted: wtf???

  3. roblorinov says:

    This guy is great! Americans need to get up off their asses and start paying attention and acting like Americans instead of Soviet Sheeple! Years ago I knew a Sufi Muslim Imam who was a very nice man. One morning he was killed by unknown assailants (the police suspected there was more than one). The murder was never solved and today is a cold case. He was rather outspoken about mainstream Islam especially that form in Saudi Arabia and radical Islam. The police determined that he had been killed by a group of assailants from the Middle East who left the US after killing this man. So in other words someone sent in an assassin team from a Mid Eastern nation to kill this Sufi Imam and immediately after killing him they got out of the country. This is Islamic street justice. I guess their concept is to kill anyone who does not agree with you. They kill not only “infidels” but they also kill their own just as ruthlessly! And we are expected to believe that this is a “religion of peace”? WTF? Don’t think so.

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  5. retireddon says:

    not sure if you can actually use this HTML tag…but here goes…if you can and want your blog page’s background picture to stop scrolling and want it to be stationary, if I remember correctly, you can code it with this…

    the jpg that i have listed is for my personal web site that I haven’t been able to update in the last 8 months or so, http://blessings4vets.org

    Eved Adonai
    Donald Smith, SSgt, USAF (RET)

    Islam teaches their children about hate, killing and martyrdom at a young age,and they realize their true calling is that they must kill the children of the “book” (Jews and Christians”…the west teaches their children how to be lackadaisical, killing digital zombies and how to become only reactive at a young age, and realize their true life calling is focus on fun, games and electronics…big difference here

    Thou shalt not steal…God commands it, and the federal government doesn’t like competition!

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