“Homeschool Heroes”

The salvation of children’s education lies with courageous home schooling parents.

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3 Responses to “Homeschool Heroes”

  1. JC says:

    excuse me Principal…

  2. JC says:

    As a former homeschooling parent I can tell you it is the toughest thing I have ever done. WE worked hard to teach our kids. They are ALL better off for our having stood up and taken responsibility for their education. Most parents are not even aware that there is an option to do this.

    Our journey began when our middle child was struggling to learn to read. He was about to enter the 8th grade and could barely read at a third grade level. While his classmates were reading age appropriate material he was barely reading Little Critters ( a series of childerns books for first and second graders). I had been researching homeschooling as a way of supplementing the school year. When I watched my intelligent/well behaved child being abused by school bullies with the principle watching the entire incident. I knew right then and there I would pull them out of public school and do what needed to be done myself. As I sat in my car waiting to pick up my child and watched that principle turn a blind eye to what was happening down the other end of the sidewalk…I became enraged. I got out of my car and asked why in the world was he allowing that to happen…he simply stated that my son was at fault because he chose to walk down the sidewalk AWAY from those who were attacking him (by kicking him in the seat of his pants). How many among you with children could stand to watch your child being treated thusly? Oh did I mention that my sons attackers were black and the principle black? I can still see the look on that principle’s face when I went into the office and reported what I had seen and that I intended on filing a report with the school board and then I called/summoned the local police department to come have a talk with the students about their behavior. That principle was not employed anywhere within the district come the next school year. (this was the last day of school when this took place).

    I went that day and pulled all three of our children out of public school. I utilized option three of the SC homeschooling law…which basically states that we as the parent would assume sole responsibility to teach their children and that the state of South Carolina would have no say in their education. I joined a homeschooling association to which I reported my childrens progress. This was the best thing I could have ever done for all our children. My middle son after one year of homeschooling went from a third grade reading level to a ninth grade reading level. The whole journey was amazing. Watching my sons face light up when he realized that he loved reading was worth it all. My other two who did not have that sort of challenge to conquer were better off for it all so. They were allowed to follow their interests which enabled them to be the best learners they could be. They all topped out above average on their test scores when they each finished up.

    This is the short version of story but you get the drift. There is so much more we could write a book on it. Who knows maybe one day we will.

    • boudicabpi says:

      My daughter has a friend that is homeschooling her son. I didn’t know that but I needed help shopping for my daughter, didn’t have a clue what to buy. She had gotten into some serious trouble (Is doing very well now and will come through as a better person). I called Lillian when Liz got into trouble to let her know and she said if I needed anything to call her. Well with a shopping list of girl things I needed help. I asked and she said I didn’t have to have a clue as to what to buy she would pick me up after noon and take me shopping and get what Liz wanted. It was when she picked me up with her son that she said she couldn’t come earlier as she homeschools him. I have been up there since for dinner and she said they start every morning off with the pledge of allegiance. It must be a trying job to homeschool and I applaud those that have, those that do.
      Bob A.

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