Fast and furious, just the tip of the Obama iceberg?

H/T Ann Barnhardt.

Obama Regime Arming U.S. Street Gangs via ATF
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – September 6, AD 2011 12:26 PM MST

I didn’t compose that headline lightly. The “Gunwalking” isn’t limited to Mexico and Honduras, guys. I said this earlier – EVERY ATF office needs to be torn to pieces looking for “gunwalking” because this is how the Obama regime could arm their “army” of street gangs and muslims. I specifically said that the Detroit and Chicago offices needed to be scrutinized. And sure enough, David Codrea is breaking the story today that the Indiana office has indeed been intentionally walking guns to Chicago street gangs – not “could arm” but “HAS ARMED”. Look at a map. Indiana is sitting immediately between Chicago and Detroit.

And by the way, the Chicago office head Andrew Traver – who HAD to have known all about the Indiana operation – is getting ready to be installed the head of the ATF in Washington.

I’m telling you, buy long guns and ammo NOW. Obama is going to do everything he can to bait a civil war. We now have proof that he is arming inner-city gangs.

Pass this link far and wide. I’ll Tweet both links as well.

Full story at Sipsey Street Irregulars

URL to Codrea’s piece:

We surely will not survive as a free America if this most evil and corrupt Obama is elected to second term. We may not survive until 2012. Where is the media?? Where is the outrage??

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2 Responses to Fast and furious, just the tip of the Obama iceberg?

  1. phoebe53 says:

    Aren’t you just a ray of friggin’ sunshine this morning!!! I’m already knee deep in conspiracy theories and you have to throw me another bone.

    I totally believe this is not only possible but probable. I knew there was something up in that direction when he went, once again, to his Chicago cronies to fill his leadership for his citizen youth army. Time to lock and load!

    Good post! Will tweet and reblog

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