America’s White Trash Zombies Invade and Occupy Cities Across the Land: It Began in Wisconsin

Via Voting American

America’s White Trash Zombies Invade and Occupy Cities Across the Land: It Began in Wisconsin.

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3 Responses to America’s White Trash Zombies Invade and Occupy Cities Across the Land: It Began in Wisconsin

  1. David says:

    You totally twisted my words to justify your narrow minded perception of life and the world.
    Jesus was saying money WILL NOT get you into paradise, rather unconditional love.
    The 1% are would be nothing without slave labor by the 99% and buying their chinese imported s##t. The 1% own every corporation and outsourced all the jobs the 99% used to have.
    Where are the factories, auto and steel, STUFF? Since when are the 1% entitled to billions of
    the 99%’s grandchildren’s wages. Are you serious in your illogical argument? The 99% are the
    givers and the !% are the takers. That is a direct imbalance. Each of the 1% owns 300% more
    than all the 99% combined. Jesus knew this and simply showed by example of ignoring the 1%
    and having the 99% as his personal disciples. Sorry if that confuses or offends you. The !%
    have no interest or time to save sinners. You are so baffled that Jesus chose the poor instead.
    Furthermore, Jesus DID NOT condemn the rich, rather he say’ed SELL ALL to that man only.
    In closing, the !% and the 99% are world’s apart, but can work together on a level field.
    Raise wages now. Record bonuses never have and are not creating jobs, only class warfare.
    The 1%’s tax rate will go up after Jan 2012, then the needed revenue being held hostage will
    be collected and put to good use by paying the 99% wages for roads and bridges and other
    need infrastructure projects and jobs. Tell me, are you baffled and offended by that prospect?
    The !% covet the 99%’s wages, by proven example through unearned record bonuses through
    bailouts initiated buy Ex Pres Bush and H. Paulson with our future generation’s wages. EVIL!
    They threw the baby over a cliff and Pres Obama had to rush over and catch the baby safely.
    Wake up. God is a god of the meek. The 99% DO NOT covet, They only want what has been
    stolen from them by the 1%, bankers, loan sharks, mortgage lenders, traders and robo signers.
    The occupiers are people of all levels of income, even some former Wall Street traders. Ironic.
    Wake up!

  2. JC says:

    First of all Mary Magadelene was not a prostitute. Nicodemus was the RICH man who begged the body of Jesus to place in the tomb he had built/prepared for himself. Jesus DID not shun the rich nor did he avoid them. The salvation that Jesus offers is extended to all who would hear the call.

    As for the ten commandments seems to me there is one that says something about coveting what another has.

    Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but cam rather to save it…that includes the 1%. And by the way David without the 1% the 99% would have NOTHING!!!! Shame on you for twisting the message of Jesus to convince yourself that it is okay to justify this unholy and shameful idea of Occupy Wall Street. Seems to me you would do better to occupy a pew in a church/synagoge rather than hanging out and participating in the sins to be found in/at one of these disease infested camps. Twisting the truth of Jesus and His words and His sacrifice for your shameful 15 seconds of fame is reprehensible of you and those of your ilk.

  3. David says:

    You must tell me your secret to having no comments or views.
    By the way,didn’t Jesus pick one rich elite guy and shame him publicly?
    Jesus also chose the low end fishermen and prostitute Mary Magdalene as disciples.
    Jesus chose the 99% working class and condemned the 1% rich elite guy.
    Jesus was not elitist,but he was God’s elite and son and very humble.
    What is thirty pieces of silver worth nowadays? Is thirty pieces of silver
    worth the life of the messiah and son of God? I am a moonie and proud of it.
    The rich elite had Jesus murdered. Satan cut off God’s earthly linage.
    My child did not inherit original sin due to the Holy Blessing. God’s linage restored.
    The rich and poor are all entitled to the Holy Blessing. We are all God’s children.
    God can reward wealth through hard work. CDO’s CDS’s are Satan’s work,ei crash 1929/2008.
    Got the message? Anyone Dem Ind Rep rich poor could end up a victim of Wall Street Geed.
    Some rich investors and working class Dems Inds and Reps lost everything and are now the 99%.
    Seventy years proved GREED is not good. The absurd bonuses are GREED incarnate.
    Are those bonuses being used for God.s purpose to create the Ideal World?
    Occupy is about conscience and a level playing field. GET MONEY OUT of politics now.
    Stop the buying our politicians,government and our votes. March for freedom from slavery.
    Work is not slavery, but stagnate wages for workers is. Bubble after bubble has burst and busted.
    Give and ye shall be rewarded in return. CDO’s and CDS’s are taking period. Ponzi Ponzi Ponzi.
    Hope you see the light friend. A wealthy middle and working class benefits everyone.
    God is showing us all the error of our godless ways. We must benefit someone else.
    We are born to live for sake of others by giving to others. Someday facing God with a clear conscience. Creating an Ideal World takes love and sacrifice. Jesus could’ave done so
    had he remained on earth. Hopeless rejection sealed Jesus’s fate thanks to his cousin John.
    Let’s get marching and trumpeting freedom’s ring. God is waiting to be amazed.
    How much do we love our brothers and sisters? 1%, 99% or 100%? The 10 commandments.
    Love thy neighbor as thyself God has taught us. Effort, hard work and sacrifice for God’s
    Ideal World to become real, never giving up. God has faith and confidence in his children.
    In God we trust or In gold do we trust? Let’s choose our parent God. Redistribution of LOVE.
    Good luck and thank you for your time reading this. God bless you. Peace.

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