Schumer Alert via Dutchess912

Visa’s for sale.

Here’s Chuckie selling more of America for our greater good:

IN part, CNN article states: (yep, you read it right)  and we, not they, elected this man to represent us.
The bill, co-sponsored by Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Mike Lee (R.-Utah) would grant a U.S. visa to international investors who agree to spend at least $500,000 on residential real estate here.

Foreign Buyers Scooping Up U.S. Homes

From Fox:


How Schumkie is looking out for NYS:

Why does Chuck hate NY?

Last Updated: 10:53 PM, October 6, 2011

Read more:


If you subscribe to WSJ online you can read the entire article but I found this summary of it about Schumer:  (reader comments give some information)

Over 12 Years, Schumer Tips Court Balance


With little fanfare, the U.S. Senate on Monday evening confirmed Brooklyn litigator William Kuntz as a federal court judge. The vote itself was unremarkable, except that it represents something much bigger: a 12-year effort by Sen. Charles Schumer to change the face of the federal courts in New York City.

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2 Responses to Schumer Alert via Dutchess912

  1. roblorinov says:

    Next to Biden this guy is the next biggest idiot in Congress IMO. Schumer is obviously the Senator from the Real Estate Market now. In fact I think all of the 100 Senators should stop saying they are the Senator from (insert your state here) and just start being truthful by saying they are the Senators from AIG, Goldman Sachs, the Fed Reserve, IBM, Exxon-Mobile, etc. Because, afterall, that is who they really represent today!!

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