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  1. Hey Bob, ‘preciate the press over here, I guess
    I need to hurry up and finish it now that you’ve
    shined a spotlight on it…

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hit it again today. I see my friend D over at Puma By Design is going to add you to her blogroll.
      Bob A.

      • Yes it’s slowly chugging away from the platform,
        building up steam… I appreciate all your wonder-
        ful encouragement and support… Thanks!


        • boudicabpi says:

          I appreciate your constructive criticism on my flop of a video clip try. Anything you can say to help me is appreciated. Don’t get out much except a couple of miles locally unless I go with someone else driving. Really miss LeighAnne my grandson’s girlfriend when she was home from college for the summer. Here almost all day every day cleaning, painting, planting and going shopping with her or a bite to eat. She did all the driving with her car and I put gas in it for her plus paid the meals and shopping even when she picked something up for herself. Now she’s back to college and may not see her until Christmas but still stay in touch. Best summer in many years, many many years. Ground now covered with snow but roads and sidewalk still clear. See what tomorrow brings.

          Bob A,

          • Bob are you there by yourself now?

            I know how that feels. Actually it feels like a
            vaccuum and it really takes a period of
            at least occasionally painful readjustment
            just to get back to business as usual.

            God blessed me with the companionship
            of a very special woman over the summer
            time too. And when the warm days slipped
            away, she slipped away with them. But be-
            fore she did she managed to define love
            for me. And it was awesome. Now some-
            times I do sense that vaccuum and I get
            really sad…

            Eventually if not sooner I’m getting me a
            horse to ride around on and everywhere I
            go I’m going to get there on it, and whoever
            don’t like it can kiss my ass. It doesn’t cost
            anything to run a horse as long as you’ve
            got good pasture for grazing. No monthly
            payments, no insurance, tag, title, emis-
            sions inspections, whatever. Kiss all the
            exorbitant maintenance and the speeding
            tickets good-bye. Especially the tickets
            since you will now be traveling at an ave-
            rage velocity of around 3 miles an hour,
            which I suppose is the downside if there is

            All that…

            The government and big business have
            turned that whole gas-powered transporta-
            tion thing into one big blood-sucking racket.
            A scam. Trading-in your state-registered
            vehicle for a horse is the most effective and
            sure-fire method of sticking it all right back
            up their butts. And the money you’d save
            over time would shock you senseless. They
            are GIVING away nice horses around here
            right now. You can be set up with everything
            you need and ready to ride for no more than
            $500, if you’re an aggressive trader like me.
            Compare that to… what’s the cheapest strip-
            ped down new car you can buy off the lot
            now, I don’t even know. $20,000? Then the
            thing keeps you broke all the time, with gas,
            insurance, maintenance and repairs, you
            name it…


            • boudicabpi says:

              Hey John,
              Here with my son Jimmy, 35 Down Syndrome and my grandson Dylan who finished his job corp program and is here. He just left to go pick up his mom so my daughter will be here for a bit this weekend. Only have two friends to talk to. Naomi, married a toddler and expecting 2nd Dec. 26. She stopped this morning with a squash casserole, brings something every week or two. Excellent cook, excellent baker. A wonderful person (if ever there was an angel in my life, see her about every week) and her husband is just as nice. Very dependable and has been at my side for about 6 years now. Taught me about all I know about cooking. When I quit work to take care of my wife full time had never even made a sandwich for lunch and she guided me through everything including a full Thanksgiving dinner. My wife passed about 1 1/2 years ago. The other, Samantha is a free spirit and dependable as the weather. Used to talk about 1 – 1 1/2 hours a day but when she changed jobs only see her about every other week. 20 year old with a boyfriend living about 25 miles from me so you expect her to be busy with other things. I’ll send you an email with a picture of her and my son. Jimmy and I are doing good but he’s gone several hours a day to a dayhab program.
              Bob A.

              • Well that’s the lowdown…

                It does sound like things have kinda leaned-out a bit.
                You must have had a wonderful wife if you went your
                whole life never having to learn how to make a sand-
                wich, I had to keep a close eye on my last fling just to
                make sure she didn’t burn the coffee water, which us-
                ually passed for breakfast around here, and even that
                was on the rare occasion she made coffe, usually I did.
                They just don’t make ’em like they used to….

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