Christians and Obama’s precious Arab Spring.

Via the Jerusalem Post

May Obama and all the other fucked up western leaders, academics and news outlets who praised the slipping of these overturned countries into an Islamic cesspool rot in hell. Christians, don’t hold your breath waiting for humanitarian help from this tribe of douche bags, you’ll be dead first..

Where have all the Christians gone?

10/25/2011 17:21   By ELWOOD MCQUAID

Christians are being killed by radical Islamists because of their beliefs. Why then, while the world celebrates revolution in the Arab world, are we standing silently while these atrocities are taking place in these democratically-liberated lands?

Egyptian Christians protest
Photo by: REUTERS

Israel has long been like the canary in the mineshaft. If the canary succumbs to the odorless, lethal gases of the depths below, the miners know it’s time to get out of the mine. Anti-Semitic militancy, like the canary in the mine, warns the rest of the world of what lies ahead. Now, however, there is strong evidence that there are two types of “canaries” in the mine. Long-suffering Christians in the Middle East are being ravaged by merciless assaults that threaten their very existence.

Liberal elitists in Western politics, academia, and the news media collectively swooned when the mobs in Cairo’s Tahrir Square swept Western ally, Hosni Mubarak, out of the Egyptian presidency and into a prison cell to await trial. In the minds of so-called progressives, the “Arab Spring” was precisely the balm of freedom for which the downtrodden had long been yearning. Democratic reforms were supposedly around the corner, swinging everyone into an era of prosperous camaraderie. That’s how delusional Western leaders saw things.

They were wrong again. Read more…

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6 Responses to Christians and Obama’s precious Arab Spring.

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  2. roblorinov says:

    Oh yeah the Mid East Arab Spring countries got democracy alrighty LOL. Egypt got a military junta, Tunisia just got a majority radical Muslim party in parliament, and Libya as of this past Sunday got radical Islam and the Sharia! I see the Arab Spring worked out really well, no?

    Why is everyone so afraid of Islam the “religion of peace”? Because everyone knows it is not a religion of peace but of war and human slaughter! But that is still no reason not to stand against this tyranny with a god! There is a global agenda being played out to destabilize the West and so far it has worked amazingly well even in the USA.

    One thing that does bother me, however, when it comes to Christians in answer to why they are not standing up is this. I hear a lot of Christians saying that this is all in “God’s Hands” and/or the “Second Coming” is just around the corner and they’re just waiting for it to arrive. I hear these things and I wonder just when God ordained that we do nothing in the face of injustice and persecution. Just when did He command we not defend the poor and those who cannot defend themselves? Sorry but I’ve never bought the “turn the other cheek” crap! Jesus flew into a rage when he found the moneychangers in the temple. Was that turning the other cheek? I think not! Somehow I think all Christians are going to have to answer for all this LACK of standing up for their brothers being persecuted and killed in these Muslim nations by Muslims. And I DON’T think God is going to be very happy with us at all.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi Rob,
      I don’t get the silence. Why aren’t the atheists that are so outspoken against Christianity screaming about Islam. They are not on a Christian death list but are on a Muslim death list. You aren’t afraid to speak out, I am not afraid to speak out and a few others. The rest are all afraid.

      “Second Coming” is just around the corner and they’re just waiting for it to arrive.”

      If they don’t wake up they will be long gone before it arrives.

      Bob A.

      • roblorinov says:

        Fear Bob! That’s the reason why they are silent. Fear is an amazing tool for keeping people in check and silent. Just ask Stalin or Hitler….oh wait you can’t because they are dead, sorry. Fact is when it comes to fear either we control it or we allow it to control us. Sadly most people have chosen the later while we have chosen the former. I’m at the point with things Bob that those who’ve chosen to allow fear to control them deserve nothing! No freedoms! No democracy! Nothing!

        This nation wasn’t founded or maintained on cowardliness and fear. It was founded and maintained on bravery and courage!! I keep going back to the words of 18th century Imperial Russian General Aleksandr Suvorov who said too much comfort brings too little courage. Is that our problem in this country? We’ve had too much comfort? Yes it is one of the reasons I think. We need to have LESS comfort and MORE courage.

        As for speaking out I plan on doing so for the rest of eternity. Fact is Islam is a violent oppressive religion and it’s own history proves that so. You know what I really want to know? I’d like to know what women and homosexuals think of Islam. Do they really think they are going to not be forced into oppression as 4th class creatures and/or dead under Muslim rule LOL? Women will become slaves. Gay people will be executed under such a regime. Look at Iran. They do it every day now.

        We MUST NOT allow fear to rule over us!

        We MUST rule over FEAR!!

        Get a clue America and SPEAK THE HELL UP!!

  3. mike smith says:

    i wonder why the western /christian world has had an agenda to ignore the christians in the middle and far east whilst importing muslims in at a rapid rate ,it must be by collusion for some ulterior motive,maybe to destabilise the countries and reduce the natural power of the people .this means many of our politicians are a bent /corrupt lot of scumbags that are for their own ends ,whatever that may be .i do know that the amount of christians that are abandoned by western cgovernment are more or less equal to the amount of muslims that have been allowed into these why, christians would assimilate into our society easily and quickly ,have the same thoughts and ideals and would not need all of the situations that muslims seem to need ,no laws to change ,no mosques to build and tolerate plus all the nasty things i could why have the churches and all its leaders not come out against the muslim attitude toward christians in the muslim controlled countries ,nothing from presidents ,prime ministers etc,nothing from the vatican ,church of england ,which seems not to care even for british christians,it goes on all hide and should hang their head in shame ,now the day of reconing is comming and the stupid people who brought on the arab spring will have to pay the piper,this you horrible people is going to be a price you will not be able to afford.the price is humanity as we know it,and it will start with israel .this will destroy the middle east and take the western world with it.nobody has listened to a thing that has been said by the people of israel and the president of america has the most blame for this. it will bring radio active oil and land,this is a little bit hard to live in and it has a tendancy to spread by wind and no country is safe from the effects ,it will kill millions and land and water will be unuseable for long periods of time ,no food, no water to drink,no animals to provide needs and so on ., now think hard and hope it does not happen but atomic weapons do not understand the diference between religions ieaologies sects and cults ,you are now all equal,just like a bullet in a gun it kills indiscriminatly without care or the question is are the governmental,religious and shall we say all leaders of the human race including the scurrilous new world order group ready for this and people like me who hopefully will be left who will protect their family and freedoms ,on their own or in groups ,who will kill you in a heartbeat if you so much as threaten them.what will you do then call the police ?? the world as you know it will be a shambles and all because of you .think long and hard your life depends on it

    • boudicabpi says:

      I’m at a loss. We are committing suicide. Appeasing Islam. Why are atheists who are so outspoken against Christianity silent on Islam. All are afraid to speak the truth about this evil death cult. IMO.
      Bob A.

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