A must see news clip for parents with children in school…

…especially in NYC. Government is out of control, the education system is out of control. Click here to watch.

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3 Responses to A must see news clip for parents with children in school…

  1. UsneakydevilU says:

    As soon as the first kid going through this Sex ed program gets pregnant or gets an STD, the parent should bring a law suit against NYC school district for endangerment of a child.

    When I was 12 years old, this would have only peaked my interest in sex. Education is meant to open your eyes to new things and this will definately open these youngsters eyes.

  2. That’s all they need to know. They’ll figure the
    rest out all too soon on their own anyway…

  3. cmblake6 says:

    Beyond the pale. NO! If I still had children that young, I;d have the teachers teach plain biology. That’s it, biology. For “sex ed” it would be “the egg is produced x, the sperm y”. Period.

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