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My son got face painted for Halloween.

By my grandson for dayhab. Well over a hundred trick or treaters here, all with parents or older siblings, adults. Very enjoyable night. Ignore the date, took the battery out of my camera and didn’t have time to reset the … Continue reading

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The U.S. Congress is directly responsible for nearly every domestic problem America faces. Follow us, donate and help us stay on line.

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Western Muslim Colonialism!

Via Right Side News Our politically correct so called leaders are committing western civilization’s suicide. Why are so many people letting them do it. Like it or not we are in a war with Islam, not a few radical Muslims, … Continue reading

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Obama Named in Commission of Treason

Via The Post & Email It’s about time someone in office stood up and said this. But where is Congress? Why do they remain silent as this guy trashes the constitution and not only fails but acts contrary to his … Continue reading

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Indefinite preemptive detention of citizens without a trial courtesy of Obama>

Via Loopyloo My Blog This Obama character is the most dangerous thing to hit our country since it’s inception. In 2012 throw him and the last of his tribe out of office. Wake up people, WTF. Follow us, donate and … Continue reading

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Via my cuz Oliver   Greatest Halloween Card Ever … CLICK Here  

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