Agenda 21, sustainable development bullcrap!

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We keep posting on Agenda 21 and people better wake up and wake up fast. It’s not just something that happens in another town, another county or another state. Like a plague it is spreading everywhere.

Wicked Writ of the Midwest

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Wicked indeed… It would seem the elitists in Houston County, Minnesota want to implement Agenda 21 and take away citizen’s property rights. Disparaging the Constitution and treating the local populace as if they were nothing more than serfs. The very arrogant face of Progressivism and evil without a doubt.

One of the strongest American freedoms we have is the right to own property. It is what makes us a free society and is the very cornerstone of liberty.

Each individual of the society has a right to be protected by it in the enjoyment of his life, liberty, and property, according to standing laws. He is obliged, consequently, to contribute his share to the expense of this protection; and to give his personal service, or an equivalent, when necessary. But no part of the property of any individual can, with justice, be taken from him, or applied to public uses, without his own consent, or that of the representative body of the people. In fine, the people of this commonwealth are not controllable by any other laws than those to which their constitutional representative body have given their consent.

John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776

Exercising their quintessential American rights, landowners in Houston County, Minnesota decided they had had enough five years ago and set out to reclaim their rights after the County Commissioners started making directives on how people could and could not use their own land. The fight continues today as threats, court proceedings, the stripping of Constitutional rights and lawyer’s fees fly frantically back and forth, egged on by Progressives in positions of power who are more interested in the environment and instituting Agenda 21 than they are in the rights of property owners. Cass Sunstein, is that you hiding behind the EPA again? Who’s a little Marxist?

Enter Houston County’s Commissioner who called the Constitution an ‘old document.’

“I know we’ve sworn to uphold the Constitution but it is an old document; times have changed,” stated Commissioner Tom Bjerke.

Well sir… If you think that the Constitution is outdated, perhaps you should take your viewpoint and move to a more ‘Progressive’ country in Europe, or perhaps Russia would be a better fit for you. I’m sure you would be much happier with like-thinking comrades. Don’t let the American door hit you in the behind on the way out.

The County Commissioners have told those citizens attending meetings to sit down and shut up. The local paper has told them that they have said enough and have quit taking letters to the editor longer than 500 words. But if you are on the side of the Progressives, well have your say! The media propaganda machine is in full swing skewing the truth as usual as I understand it. Read more…

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2 Responses to Agenda 21, sustainable development bullcrap!

  1. Rick Overland says:

    Understand that the planning and funding for Agenda 21 comes from central bankers. These private wealth interests own 150+ central banks, nearly one in every country. They dominate governments around the world since they control their money supplies and economies. They seek greater control through Agenda 21. People worldwide are their livestock, to be dumbed-down and manipulated in order to ensure the survival and prominent standing of the central bankers.

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