Obama must be defeated for our nation to survive!

Via Tea Party.org

Obama must be defeated at all costs. He is destroying 23o plus years of building this nation.


How can any red-blooded American sit by and see their beloved nation
fall into Socialism and do nothing?

The only thing standing between an excuse to takeover America and the liberal cabal running Washington is YOU! Yes, that’s right! It is the Tea Party with its millions of members, standing in the way of the utter and complete demise of our beloved country.

However, our ranks are growing thin, resources are needed so the Tea Party vision will not dim.

Remember this, 911 woke up America to the fact that many are planning the demise of our beloved nation by any means. The tragedy is some of those forces are domestic, functioning within our own borders and even filling our elected offices.

Look, is the Tea Party going to fizzle? Will the Tea Party, as so many other movements, allow the surge of protest to subside, the stream of fervent Patriotism to dissipate? And follow the pattern of other failed movements which fizzle and dry up? All the while, the burning issues still remains, but goes unchallenged.

Time To Prepare For Political War

Bottom line is, strong Citizens are the backbone for what America needs today. They possess enduring Patriotic stamina as the Guardians for the continuation of the Tea Party dream, FREEDOM.

What this means is America is depending on a Guardian core of Patriots who will stand tall, refuse to leave their posts and who will not waste away. I call these brave Sentries of Freedom the Tea Party Guardians.

In truth, the Tea Party Guard is an exclusive assembly of dedicated Patriots who understand our liberty is on the brink of destruction.

The Tea Party Guard are the stalwart, the rock in the time of storm, men and women who will silently and quietly serve their nation day in and day out from their jobs, homes and lives.

You see, the global one-world agenda is anti-America, anti-freedom and in many cases anti-God. You and I know our beloved nation is under siege, not just by foreign countries, but by foreign ideologies and many of those foreign ideologies are held as true by the Washington liberals.

Join Command Center
Know this; our freedom is being uprooted, and replaced with federal control. Individual rights are being replaced with herd mentality, names are being replaced with numbers and our traditional values are being crushed by the global one-world agenda.

You and I have seen with our own eyes the rise of extreme liberalism in our society, forcing our children to participate in government mandated brain washing administered by the failed public school system, and it doesn’t stop there.

Here’s the real kicker, Washington dances in joy when they spend our tens of trillions of tax dollars without rhyme, reason or disclosure. All the while, We The People are trampled under the bureaucrats boot heel being told the lame excuse of the greater good for the greatest number. Illegal aliens are treated better and receive more benefits than hard working tax paying American Citizens. Whole industries are being nationalized; the banking industry has been eviscerated. One by one, States rights are being eroded.

It turns out, 911 planes flew into buildings, and today the Obama administration is flying into our beloved Constitution. Like ‘Ground Zero,’ our Constitution is burning and slowly collapsing into a heap of twisted and mangled confusion.

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