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Ayad Rahim


Chagrin Falls, OH

United States

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It is unforgivable that we, as a nation:

Considered, for president of the United States, somebody, with no discernible affection for, pride in, or allegiance to the country.

Considered, for president of the United States -– and “Leader of the Free World” -– a “red-diaper baby” (with a Third World twist, and a side of Islam), marinated in Marxism for three generations (on both sides of the family).

Considered a candidate, who — based on his life story, family pedigree, the lives and views of immediate and extended family members, and his own past and
current political teammates, friends, mentors and heroes — is, at best,
not sympathetic to the country’s traditions, core values, founding
principles, free-enterprise system, military and police.

Considered, for high political office, someone who might not be able to obtain a security clearance to enter the White House.

Considered, for president, somebody with an Arabic name, with whom Arabs identify, while we are at war with Arab fascism (and not even asking whether the
first name comes from baraka (meaning blessing) or Buraq (the name of the horse that Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, rode to heaven).

Considered, for high political office, somebody with Third Worldist sentiments, allegiances and ideologies.

Considered for president, someone with no appreciation or regard for what made the country great.

It is unforgivable, that we: Read more…

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