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THE OTHER WHITE MEAT: Thousands of young white British girls are kidnapped, raped, and groomed for sex by Pakistani Muslims

Posted: January 8, 2012 | Author:

Pakistani rape gangs are a growing problem in the UK. Political correctness has made this a crime nobody wanted to talk about. Finally they are. 80% of the men arrested for what is called sexual grooming – forcing young teenage white girls into prostitution – are Pakistani Muslims.

Kitman TV Over 10,000 young girls are being groomed for sex by men of Pakistani origin in the United Kingdom. The media cover it up, the police are afraid to prosecute over it and politicians lie about it. For well over a decade the Government, the media, and top police officials hid a  sickening trend happening in the UK.  Girls as young as 11 are still being groomed and then sexually abused by these gangs. 

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  1. JC says:

    Coming to city near you soon…this is the behavior we can expect if appeasement of islam continues at its current pace here in America….

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