It can’t happen here, no it can’t happen here, la lala la lalala laaaa via CMBlake

H/T CMBlake

Final Implementation of Obama Dictatorship in Progress on all levels

– Sher Zieve

I have warned and written about this particular subject for over three years—since before Obama was elected—aka “coronated.“  It is only now that many others finally seem to be getting the message.  However, this is not something to be criticized.  It is to be applauded, as it means they are finally and inexorably awakening to the truth.  They are to be applauded and not insulted.  I noticed this morning that—after a few of the latest Obama assaults on the US Constitution and liberties of We-the-People—some in the media (not the Obama media of course) appear to at last to have come to the realization that Obama is and has been a dictator. Read more…

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