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N.O.W. vs The Tea Party. Wild Bill For America.

Americans are not attracted to angry mobs. The Tea Party must learn from N.O.W.s mistake Follow us, donate and help us stay on line.

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Congressman Allen West

If you believe in/like Congressman Allen West repost or email this link.   Dear Patriot, There’s been a lot of discussion by the mainstream media about an internet video purportedly depicting US Marines urinating on the bodies of Taliban combatants … Continue reading

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Obama, Clinton and the others are insane…

…for pushing for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. They’re even more wacked out with the idea of negotiations with the Taliban. The whole bunch of them need to be booted out in 2012. Either give our troops free reign … Continue reading

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These people have some strange ideas floating through their heads.

It is impossible to reason with the unreasoning. And that is exactly what the Palestinians and their supporters are. Palestinian Minister Praises Martyrdom in the Presence of Abu Mazen Follow us, donate and help us stay on line.

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