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Jim Zee has given us permission to share one of his fathers stories.  Thank you Jim.

The Twilight Zone of the USS CONSTELLATION

by Jim Zee

Jim’s Notes:

This is a true story as related to me by my father, who spent 6 years in the Navy from l968-1974

It is written in his narrative as told to me, about an occurrence that happened in the Gulf of Tonkin in February of 1970.

At that time, the mighty warship USS CONSTELLATION, an aircraft carrier over 1,000 feet in length, was flying combat missions off the coast of North Vietnam.


As I walked back to the Command Center with the gray canvas mailbag, carefully dodging the bulkhead ‘kneeknockers”, the ship’s powerful PA system blared.

Gong Gong Gong !”Fire Fire Fire, hanger bay. Away the Flying Squad!”

And then, immediately the general quarters klaxon: “Ooogah Ooogah Ooogah! All Hands General…

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