Women MUST arm themselves by knowing their enemy! This is a woman’s future under sharia law.

Islam is women’s enemy. Free men, Islam is the enemy. America stand up. It is here and is creeping Sharia, emboldened by none other than the fraud Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama. He openly reaches out to Islam and praises it’s glory, which is of course a lie. There is no glory in Islam and 14 centuries of Islamic evil is the proof. Today and yesterday is proof. Leave Islam and embrace the truth of it’s evil.Men, do you want your wives, daughters living under Islam. Women do you really want to live under Islam. Dump Obama or this, maybe worse is your fate if he get’s another term as the American destroyer. He’s not naive he’s destroying America by design.

H/T A Lot Of Coffee and Sleepless Nights

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4 Responses to Women MUST arm themselves by knowing their enemy! This is a woman’s future under sharia law.

  1. Questionman says:

    You’ve lost it! You are perfect example of despicable racists, pathetic pieces of crap, and ignorant idiots! Everry link refers to this as about Muslim men and women, And you despicable disgrace makes this Obama’s fault? You are pathetic! Obama isn’t a fraud. And it’s alwayd proven that anyone who saids he is is a racist retard, even one who lies about his religion, his birthplace, etc. That’s you, but I digress!
    It’s amazing how many voters have no problem with a Republican destroying the country but heaven forbid that Obama get reelected and keep the country afloat. Half the population of this country has a death wish. Even the most conservative Republicans like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage have called Ron Paul a lunatic and a psycho. Yet he is only two points behind Mitt Romney in Iowa. Has the GOP become such barbarians that Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are now moderates?

    Cons live in a deluded world.

    Obama has done a fantastic job of getting our country back together after it was torn apart by Bush, Greenspan and the Republican Party.

    The GOP is full of a lot of sick puppies.

    • boudicabpi says:

      The “sick puppies” in the GOP pale in comparison to you and others that believe Obama is on the right track. This post has to do with his pro Muslim anti-American views. There is nothing glorious about Islam. Islam’s major contribution to the US was changing the skyline of NYC, nothing more.

  2. JC says:

    Disgusting…just disgusting. There is no reasoning with the adherents of islam. They are dead inside.

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