So much for any measure of common sense. Public education has run amuck.
Bob A.

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H/T Jared Law
The fact of the matter is that the high school student who was victimized by the overpaid, underworked ‘administration’ of this government school, was doing the right thing, and throwing him under the bus like this, obviously to intimidate students into choosing to not report on teacher misconduct, isn’t just revolting, it is, or should be, illegal (check state law). It makes you wonder if a student snapped a cellphone photo, or took video, of a teacher sexually assaulting another student, and turned it over to police, would the ‘whistleblower’ student be suspended and prosecuted for producing and distributing pornography?

The Blaze

Students can be punished for sleeping in class, but what happens when a teacher gets caught dozing at his desk? A high school student in Oklahoma City got the answer to that question when he snapped a cell phone picture to prove that his substitute…

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