Obama and company made a mistake in encouraging an Arab Spring in Egypt and we are seeing the fruits of their labors in Libya. None of it good. Meddling in Syria will bring the same result.
Bob A.

The Mad Jewess

Here goes the rotten, traitorous, femi-nazi bitch again…With her big, fat, lyin-ass mouth.  Syrias problem is not our problem. It is SYRIAS problem.  They are engaging in a Civil war.  The Syrian Government is fighting off radical Jihadists, and the ugly, beastly, witch-Hillary Rotten Clinton is rebuking Russia and China for not helping in her Jihadist/Commie brigade. 

You know what? If they attack us in NYC and DC–this time, I wont shed a tear-with leaders like this, I am sorry, people, we deserve to be attacked.

Hillary Rotten Clinton to Russia: ‘Come over to the dark side, and side with us as we try to put the Muslim bro’hood in charge of Syria, too…’

I am sick of these vomitous gasbags, especially Hitlery.

Today, I was thrifting, and I LOL….There was an old picture from a newspaper, it said “IMPEACHED!”  It was the picture…

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