We have to rid America of Obama and his cohorts.
Bob A.

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Except for a small well financed minority of the far-left, Americans overwhelmingly support the Keystone pipeline expansion.

Canadian Resources Minister Joe Oliver says Barack Obama blocked the pipeline deal on behalf of radical left-wing Billionaire George
Soros has pumped millions into American far-left groups, many of which used some of his money to campaign for Barack Obama.
Barack Obama vetoed a major oil pipeline deal that would have brought thousands of new jobs and decreased our oil dependency on the Middle East. Obama is ensuring that unemployment stays high, gas prices climb, and America keeps sending tens of billions to Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. The so-called “environmental concerns” are completely unfounded.

Read More: http://cofcc.org/2012/01/canadian-resources-minister-soros-ordered-pipeline-blocked/

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  1. Annie says:

    There’s just that small section? I was talking to a girlfriend whose son is a civil engineer on that project. She was unaware of the dispute and the POTUS caving and why.

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