Internet kill switch. They must be getting scared about the Iranian citizens. Isn’t this what Obama wants in the U. S. Silence the citizens and keep them in the dark. Eerie parallels!
Bob A.


Iran cuts off Internet access | Politics, Policy, and Technology – CNET News.

Iran has cut off access to the Internet, leaving millions of people without access to e-mail and social networks.

An individual inside the country confirmed this morning that Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email are no longer available. Ditto for Facebook. So far, the government has not made any announcement about the service interruption.

But cyber-sophisticated Iranians are still able to circumvent the government by using proxy servers over VPN connections.

“The interesting thing is that when asked, they deny the fact that all these services are all blocked,” an Iranian contacted by CNET said. This individual asked to remain unidentified.

However, the Iranian noted that the regime has cut off the Internet during protests and that the buzz on the streets is that anti-government protests are planned for Saturday. February 11 marks the anniversary of Iran’s…

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  1. roblorinov says:

    This does not come as a surprise to me. I expected that at some point the tyrants in Iran would cut off the Internet as they have no regard for their own people anyway. I really wish the Iranian people would stand up to these Ayatollahs and oust them! Yes this is the kind of kill switch Obama wants in the US too as we sink deeper into tyranny in this country. The whole world has gone crazy! Tyranny everywhere! And who speaks now for liberty????

    • boudicabpi says:

      I know Rob. And the people sleep. Any revolt in this country will be the direct results of the actions of those in Washington. I am sure most of us don’t want to see that but the politicians are as blind as the electorate.
      Bob A.

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